To The International Criminal Court, Office of the Prosecutor

Address for letters:
Ianko N. Iankov
Citizen of the European Union,
President of the Liberal Congress Party,
President of the Union of Lawyers-Democrats,
President of the Governing Board of the Basic Institute
for Study and Defence of Human Rights
Dianabad, Block 4, ap. 38,  1172 Sofia, Bulgaria
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August 31, 2012

To The International Criminal Court
Office of the Prosecutor
P.O. Box 19519
2500 CM, The Hague,
The Netherlands

To: the documentation dated and sent on August 8, 2012
To: the documentation dated and sent on August 16, 2012
To: the documentation dated and sent on August 20, 2012
To: the documentation dated and sent on August 23, 2012
To: the documentation dated and sent on August 27, 2012
To: the documentation dated and sent on August 29, 2012

To Boris Velchev –
grand son and son of world known communist criminals,
recruited on homosexual basis agent of communist secret police
and of post-communist NSS and DANS,
CRIMINAL low hierarchy
PUPPET state’s powered servant
of the Bulgarian clan of Russian Red Mafia and of Bulgarian
PARAMILITARY  cop-mafia’s political regime,
executing the service of Chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria
Sofia Court Palace,
blvd.Vitosha No.2, 1000 Sofia

Тo Boyko Borisov
notorious mafia criminal,
Acting Prime Minister
of consecutive criminal Government
of Bulgarian communist and post-communist PARAMILITARY
cop-mafia’s political regime,
one of the institutionally and personally responsible
for perpetrated on me
drastically crippling assault
(having the nature of an attempted murder),
about the preparation of which he has been previously and officially warned
by means of duly registered written text

Council of Ministers (CoM), Kniaz Dondukov №1, 1000 (1194) Sofia
To: (Personal) ent. №4379/2003 to 2012

To: Their Excellencies the Ambassadors of:

01. AustriaShipka, № 4, 1000 (1087) Sofia

02. Belgium - Boulevard James Bourchier № 103, 1407 Sofia

03. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Moskovska № 9, Sofia 1000

04. Federal Republic of Germany
Street Frederic Joliot-Curie, № 25, 1113 (1087) Sofia

05. DenmarkKniaz Dondukov № 54 1000 (1504) Sofia

06. European Commission in Bulgaria
Moskovska № 9, 1st floor, 1000 Sofia

07. Republic of IrelandBacho Kiro 26, Sofia 1000

08. SpainSheinovo № 27, 1504 (1087) Sofia

09. Republic of ItalyShipka № 2, 1000 (1087) Sofia

10. LiechtensteinShipka № 33, 1000 (1087, 1504) Sofia
(By: His Excellency the Ambassador of Switzerland, representing the interests of the Principality of Liechtenstein in Bulgaria)

11. Grand Duchy of LuxembourgOborishte № 15, 1000 (1504) Sofia
(By: His Excellency Ambassador of the Netherlands, representing the political interests of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Bulgaria)

12. NorwayKniaz Dondukov № 54c, 1000 Sofia

13. Republic of Portugal - Street Positano № 7, Bl. 3, 5th floor, 1000 Sofia

14. Federal Constitutional Republic United States (U.S.)
Street Kozyak № 16, 1407 Sofia

15. Republic of FranceOborishte № 27-29, 1504 (1087) Sofia

16. NetherlandsOborishte № 15, 1000 (1504) Sofia

17. SwissShipka № 33, 1000 (1087, 1504) Sofia

18. Sweden - Address: Alfred Nobel № 4, 1113 (1087) Sofia

            With this my SEVENTH official signal applied here I send a new package of documentary descriptions of a type of criminal genocidal attacks on the Bulgarian population, addressed to the above addressees;
This package contains (consists of)
59 (Fifty nine)
pages of documentation.

            I specify that the accompaning documentation has feet grounded nature of documentary reference to the facts and circumstances relating to systematic assimilation genocidal practice of the Bulgarian State power exercized INCLUDING TODAY on almost ONE MILLION Bulgarian Muslim citizens.

            Please pay attention on the fact or the circumstance that the referred here descriptions have the nature of a synthetic expression of the content of TENS OF THOUSANDS of pages of official records LOCATED IN THE ARCHIVES OF BULGARIAN PROSECUTORS AND JUDICIARY.  

            I declare that I insist at the Honorable Prosecutor for The International Criminal Court in The Hague to take the necessary steps to launch criminal proceedings against the Bulgarian state and its responsible officials.
            However, I plead with you not because I have confidence in the former and the current state of justice in Bulgaria, Europe and the world, but because I hope sometime, in the future, to have Justice.
            Moreover I declare my firm conviction that any after words Justice delivered on facts, criminals and victims of the past, is not and can not be justice, but only political demagoguery;
            and that Justice is only when it is actually, really and effectively punishuing specific criminally and reparative responsible subjects, and
            actually, really and effectively compensate the victims of the crime.
August 31, 2012                                                        Ianko N. Iankov ……

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