To The Prosecutor of The International Criminal Court at Hague, Netherland

Address for letters:
Янко Н. Янков –
ж. к. „Дианабад”, блок 4, етаж 6, ап. 38,
1172 София, България
Ianko N. Iankov
Dianabad, Block 4, ap. 38,
1172 Sofia, Bulgaria
08 Август 2012 г.

До Международния наказателен съд
офис на Прокурора
П. К. 19519
2500 СМ Хага,

To The International Criminal Court
Office of the Prosecutor
P.O. Box 19519
2500 CM, The Hague,
The Netherlands

Please find enclosed a book in English, French, German and Bulgarian languages ​​in order to have an idea about my personality, professional and socio-political commitment and activities.

Also find enclosed a list (Bibliography) of books I have written and published.

I am pleased to send you a copy of 382 pages official documentation, the original of which is located in the office of the Chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria. This documentation is a reasonable argument that

while during the classical Communist government from September 1944 to November 1989 in Bulgaria was carried out selective class communist genocide on separate groups and sections of the population,

but after camouflaged political changes of November 1989 to date,

including July 1, 2002 so far

in Bulgaria a total post-communist genocide is performed on all Bulgarian citizens,

which resulted that apart from the normal mortality and emigration,
 separately from demographic map of the Bulgarian state are missing 1.85 million Bulgarian citizens, victims of the ongoing genocidal state strategy, organized and systematically implemented by all post-communist governments;

which  criminal state strategy is as follows:
eugenics (eugenetics),
socio-medical genocide,
medicated genocide,
pension genocidе,
educational and professional genocide,
intellectual genocide,
socio-economic genocide,
state terrorism (state terrorist violence),
extrajudicial killings, and

many other forms of daily mayhems and assassinations - genocidal violence and extermination of citizens of Bulgaria.

I specify that the named text file from p.1 to p.337 was released as a book that has the following bibliographic parameters:

Янко Янков, Българският посткомунистически геноцид  (Документалистика), С., „Янус”, 2010, 427 с. ISBN: 978-954-8550-64-2, формат 70 х 100 х 16 (голям формат);
Ianko Iankov, The Bulgarian post-communist genocide (Documentary), Sofia, "Ianus Publishing House", 2010, 427 pp. ISBN: 978-954-8550-64-2, size 70 x 100 x 16 (large format).

With the aforesaid I urge The Honorable Prosecutor to take action to start criminal proceedings against the Bulgarian government and its responsible officials from November 1989 to date.

I also particularize that after the completion of the procedure at the Court on searching for criminal liability of offenders will be published a new edition of the book, which will reflect the Court attitude  on the Case and the decision which the Court will issue or refuse to issue.

However, I am addressing myself to you not because I do trust the former  and the current state of justice in Bulgaria, Europe and the world, but because I hope one day, in the future, to have justice.
August 08, 2012                                                       Ianko Iankov N.:. . . . . . . .

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